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At MedLED, we take extraordinary measures so your surgical headlight will give you many years of dependable service. If you are experiencing any problems with our products, below are some troubleshooting tips to try before servicing.

Spectra Headlight

Chrome Headlight

Spectra Headlight

Headlight won't turn on
If the headlight light does not turn on, perform a headlight reset following these steps:

      1. Remove both batteries
      2. Remove bezel
      3. Wait 30 Seconds
      4. Re-install bezel making sure it is fully seeded
      5. Re-install batteries until you hear a “click” sound
      6. Look for the blue indicator lights on the head-strap indicating the headlight is ready to use and batteries are fully charged. (fig. A). Charge batteries if needed and try reset again.
      7. Spectra Headlight blue indicator lights

        Fig. A

      8. Still not working after reset? Contact your distributor.
Headlight won't charge
If the headlight won’t charge, following these steps:

1. Insert batteries and charge batteries using the 4-bay charging unit (fig. A) or plug unit and charge batteries directly (fig. B).

Spectra Battery Charger

Fig. A

Spectra Charge Port

Fig. B

2. Still not working after step 1, perform a factory reset (see troubleshooting instructions for “Headlight won’t turn on”)
3. Still not working after reset? Contact your distributor

Chrome ® Headlight

Headlight won't turn on
If the headlight light does not turn on, follow these steps:

1. Make sure batteries are fully charged
2. Place charged batteries into headlight and look for blue LED indicators (fig. A)
3. Verify bezel plug wire is plugged into correct port (see fig. B and C).
4. After steps 1-3 have been performed, if headlight still won’t turn on, please replace bezel (no cost if under warranty) and contact your local distributor.

Chrome LED Indicators

Fig. A

Chrome Plugin - Correct

Fig. B

Chrome Plugin - Incorrect

Fig. C

Batteries won't hold charge
If the batteries won’t hold a charge, follow these steps:

1. Check purchase date and replace if necessary. Batteries should be replaced at least once per year. If past the year mark, look at replacing batteries or contact your distributor.

Need Servicing?

Please contact your local distributor on ways to service your headlight.

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